Child Labour in India- An overview

By: Aurea C,
Intern @ AMO Foundation, India
Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you  continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social  disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the  end of time. - Grace Abbot 

To build up an incredible India, it is vital to ensure every child of our country should compulsorily have access to free quality education. It is today’s children who become tomorrow’s men, and will eventually take up the responsibility to lay down an unassailable foundation for the country’s progressive growth.

By dint of child labour those tiny hands that are supposed to mold the future of our country, is burned, bruised and calloused thereby debasing the nation’s dream of a better tomorrow. As per the census taken in the year 2011, India has 10.11 million child labourers which includes 5.6 million boys and 4.6 million girls.

Abuses Associated with Child Labour

In the course of world’s history, Women and children are often  considered to be the most vulnerable population. Studies show that in  India, crimes against children have escalated tremendously over the last  decade. Child Labour has paved ways for a galore of heinous crimes to  be predominant in every nook and cranny of our country. 

A few cases that can be considered as examples for such unscrupulous  crimes are: 

Eight minor girls forced into child labour– These girls were sold to  a household by the human traffickers. Even though they were  provided with food and accommodation, no payment was  received.(Read more) 

Nine child labourers rescued from bangle making unit– These  kids hail from economically backward families. Despite being minors  they were forced to work in hazardous conditions for a measly  amount of rs 3000 per month. (Read more) 

Five-year-old made to work as help– Here an innocent 5 year old  was sold by her own father to work as domestic help. (Read more

All these cases indicate the whole load of evil that breathes within our  society, leaving us pondering whether there is any humanity left in this  world. 

Child Labour leads to Amplifying Abductions

Among all the labourers the most cheaply affordable ones are Children,  specifically those poor defenseless girls. The insistent clamoring for  inexpensive labourers, act as an aggravating element in kidnapping and  child trafficking. 

The abduction is mostly carried out by the middlemen, who in turn are  heavily funded and protected by affluent syndicates that promote human  trafficking. Often these abducted children will be bulldozed into  prostitution, slavery or otherwise subjected to sexual abuse while  involved in other works. Apart from the physical torture, the mental  agony and trauma these kids have to endure is beyond one’s wildest  dreams. 

In other cases, there are children who are turned into drug peddlers,  assassins, and so on. Let us see 2 examples on what had happened to  some of those abducted children: 

One out of the three rescued child labourer in Kota, was  abducted from child care home- In this case a girl from a child care  home was abducted and was forced into child labour. She was later  rescued with 2 others. ( Read more )

Abducted Delhi minor sold into prostitution– A 16 year old girl  who was a Delhi resident was hauled into prostitution. During the  time of rescue, she was in a very pathetic condition with her private  part bleeding very badly. ( Read more )

The Role Of NGOs and Society in putting an end to the Child Labour

NGOs such as AMO are striving towards the ultimate goal of eradicating child labour from the face of the earth. For accomplishing this noble  cause, contribution from each individual of our society is pivotal.  

NGOs plays a major role in educating the people about the acts and rules  related to child labour. Rather than being the silent spectators, let’s do our  part of making this world a better place to live in. 

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