Social Service

You must not lose faith in humanity.  humanity is an ocean if a few drops of the ocean are dirty the ocean does not become dirty—–MK GANDHI.

Today in the times of Covid 19  we experienced humanity in its best form. Although since our childhood we have been given lessons on social service and being taught that social service is next to god service,  it’s in the last year only we saw its magic .Right from the strangers helping the old men with the covid-19 guidelines  to the families paying extra to their house workers that too without their work.

 The notion of serving others only through NGOs is breaking slowly .Today even a small boy knows that donating his old books to the kids of the housemaid is a kind of gesture that will help in someone’s career.  Although the work done by NGOs cannot be defied .

 Today along with orphanages there are many organizations and NGOs that are helping in the upliftment of society the newly formed old age homes are giving the Ray of Hope to the abandoned old people. Hence there is hardly any social issue which is left untouched by these organizations. It is due to these people on the that today the line  of silent suffering and social pressure has

 become thin.

 The Government of India conducts a lot of civil services examinations in which people used to get the chance to serve society.  They are given the opportunity to create an environment suitable for the poor as well as the rich.  Even the foundation of politics is laid on the bricks of social service and national duty. Although today there is more corruption and people want only their benefit there are still some people in the dark holding the lamp just for those who are in need of it .  The doctors, nurses, Bankers, scientists, ambulance boys, even Municipal workers have shown  us a commendable example of social service. They taught us that even with the progressiveness,  it is The humanity that will acquire the first place .

A man with a selfless heart believing in helping others and serving his society is the one who truly clears all his debt of the society.

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