Art and music

Art and music

When a person fails to express himself, art expresses itself.

The very early thoughts that pop up in our head when we talk about art is aesthetic. Art and music not only represents our contrivances but also our gesture, personality and thought process. Now, the question arises that what is art? How does it represent one’s personality? How to perform art? And so on… 

Well to all the questions, the simplest answers to all the questions are- art is the soul that lives in our body and makes us alive. It gives us reason to survive, to identify, to enact all the elegance of nature. 

We observe then memorize and ultimately we emit our thoughts and it is named after art. Unlike science, only has several forms such as sculptures, poetry, literature, dance, music and many more, etc… precisely we don’t perform art but indeed we live art.

Let’s address music, one of the finest global art forms.

One of the quotes says that the only truth is music while according to others if something is alive then it is music but if I would define art then music emits our true emotions and makes us alive. We human beings are too entangled that occasionally we gorgeous ourselves and eventually music helps us to find our souls.

In art, an artist foremost a muse and the word music took birth from the Greek word muses. 

Music is not only solvent of rhythm, chorus, verses or words but also when an artist performs/ sings they pour their heart and mind and make it soul and the entire combination takes the birth of a living being which we give varied names like songs, gazal, etc… the era in which music introduced was Paleolithic era and generation to generations, era to era, decades, etc…taste and formation of music has also transformed.

Like assortments, there are different types of music such as pop, Sufi, etc…

Music gives strength to our emotions and it has an immediate connection with our soul and the statement is given by the great philosopher Plato in republic.

Music is not only an art but also has a philosophical, psychological and emotional tendency for different people.

In many countries, music is used as therapy for many illnesses such as mental, physical, emotional illness et… and according to some of the therapists, when we fail to express ourselves and sometimes we don’t have ethical words to express our emotions then right music helps to find words and express our emotions. Either platonic feelings or passionate emotions, music finds its way to reach the heart of a given address.

And the taste of music varies from person to person and emotions to emotions. If we don’t find others taste relevant to us that doesn’t mean that they have a poor taste but it means they have other domain extensions you might not have because music taste is similar but the one thing is common that next time give a little care to yourself and go on isolated place with your playlist and let the words make you alive and cheerful again. 

It’s about to dusk just like; two times are meeting, birds going back to their nest; achieve peace, you are standing on the edge of life and when words with rhythm reach to your ear, you suddenly realized that this is more platonic than anything, you are alive, let’s go and live the gift of life. 

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